Sunday, January 15, 2012


Ok everyone, I'm so sorry for not posting much on here, but one of my goals for 2012 is to be more diligent with this page and getting more followers, the more people that follow the page the more fun it will be for all of us, agree??

So let's get into it! Although I took a computer/blogging hiatus, fashion didn't take a break.  Now that the holidays are over, many stores are offering phenominal "end of season" sales!!

I managed to score some good deals during these past few weeks.  The deal I am most excited about this BCBG dress at Lord & Taylor.  BCBG is one of my favorite designes especially for dresses, the dresses always have an amazing fit and are timeless.

BCBG Max Azria dress

BCBG Cleo Pleated Dress
This amazing dress retails at $218 but I was able to get it for the AMAZING price of ... (drum roll please!!!) $69!!!

For a similar look you can pair the dress with these adorable lace booties (which I also happen to own)

Click here to buy these booties

What good "end of season" deals have you scored?

Until next time

Your Girl


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Basketball Wives Earrings

If you're anything like me you watch the VH1 hit series Basketball Wives  for the drama but also to see the earrings on these ladies. It seems as if Evelyn Lozada and her co-stars have started quite the trend.

These earrings are all DIVA approved!!

Evelyn Lozada- Basketball Wives- Miami

Jennifer Williams- Basketball Wives-Miami

Gloria Govan- Basketball Wives L.A.

Come on you know your inner diva wants a pair!  Check out these BBW inspired styles:

You can purchase these and many other styles from one of my favorite vendors

Her pieces are very affordable priced (most of her earrings priced between $10-15).  I have purchased several pairs of BBW Inspired Earrings among other things from MFF and can say that the quality and customer service are excellent.



Thursday, December 1, 2011

First of the Month

For most people the first of the month means that bills are due (boo) but for my "sole sisters" we look forward to the first of month.  It means NEW SHOES!! What girl doesn't like new shoes?

It seems that "Shoe of the Month" clubs are popping up all over place. 

Shoe of the Month clubs work by having you fill out a fashion personality quiz.  The purpose is to try to match your profile with the shoes that best suit you. Once the quiz is complete, you are given a customized showroom of shoes to pick from!

The best part is there is never any obligation to buy, as long as you click the "skip the month" option by the 5th of every month you are not charged! Each club has a membership fee that includes a pair of shoes and free shipping including returns.  Thinking of joining?? Great!!! Just be sure to read the Terms and Conditions/F.A.Q's so that you know what you are signing up for! Happy Shopping!!

These are the most popular clubs in my opinion:

ShoeDazzle- $39.95 Monthly Membership

JustFabulous- $39.95 Monthly Membership

Sole Society- $49.95 Monthly Membership

ShoeMint- $79.95 Monthly Membership

This month I opted to try the newest club ShoeMint and was immediately sold on the Pauline Wedge (can't wait for her to arrive):

If you are a member at any of these clubs, share your selections with VivaGlamDiva!!


So you somehow found yourself here, WELCOME!!!
I decided to start a blog to share my love of all the things I love.  I've been wanting to start a blog for a while and now just seems like the perfect time for me.

Every women has an inner diva that is screaming to be let out, so embrace it and own it!!

A little about me:

Born in Jersey, raised in Bronx, NY currently residing in Jersey with my husband of 5 years. From as young as I can imagine I have always had a love of fashion and beauty and here's my chance to share my thoughts with the world : )

What kinds of things will you find here?

A little of everything, especially all things GLAM! So I'll post about shoes, clothing, costume jewelry, pretty much everything fashion related.  I'll also be doing vendor reviews. 

I love fitness so I would like to incorporate that somehow as well.

I also love celeb gossip so maybe a little of that too!

Often times friends come to me for a advice on a variety of subjects ranging from fashion, to restaurant suggestions, to relationships, so I would love to have an advice column on here.  You can email me questions about anything once a week I'll pick a question to answer. 

I am very excited to take on the journey of blogging and glad that you stopped by to join me in my journey. 

Enjoy your stay!!