Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Basketball Wives Earrings

If you're anything like me you watch the VH1 hit series Basketball Wives  for the drama but also to see the earrings on these ladies. It seems as if Evelyn Lozada and her co-stars have started quite the trend.

These earrings are all DIVA approved!!

Evelyn Lozada- Basketball Wives- Miami

Jennifer Williams- Basketball Wives-Miami

Gloria Govan- Basketball Wives L.A.

Come on you know your inner diva wants a pair!  Check out these BBW inspired styles:

You can purchase these and many other styles from one of my favorite vendors

Her pieces are very affordable priced (most of her earrings priced between $10-15).  I have purchased several pairs of BBW Inspired Earrings among other things from MFF and can say that the quality and customer service are excellent.




  1. AWESOME!! LOVE THE BBWives earrings! This is good stuff, keep it coming!